Keto/LCHF Diet: What Are Macros and How to Calculate Them

keto low carb macros

In Keto and other forms of Low Carb Diet, it is important to know your macros before starting.

What are macros?

Macros or macronutrients are the three major nutrients that your body needs. These are carbohydrates, protein and fat. Macronutrients are sourced from food and supplements.

In Keto and Low Carb Diet, knowing your macros is very important. You have to know you’re getting enough macronutrients (and micronutrients) so you can plan what you are going to eat accordingly.

How do you know your macros?

keto philippines macros
This was my marcos when I started the Keto Diet. That pie graph under “Your Target” is what I followed since I wanted to lose weight. It shows I should consume 7.2% (25g)  of carbs, 20% (70g) of protein and 73% (112g) of Fat per day to lose weight.

There are many keto calculators that you can find in the internet if you Google it. Here is the keto calculator that I have personally used.

(Edit: Since I am now trying to gain muscles, I followed the Ketogains Protocol and used the ketogains calculator to compute my macros. I recommend you follow the ketogains calculator, so you don’t end up eating very high fat and not enough protein. It is best to eat adequate protein so you don’t end up losing muscles and not eat too much fat, so you can burn your body fat first before the fat you get from the food you eat.)

All you just need to do is to fill it out with all the information that’s being asked. Once you’re finished, you will see the recommended carbs, protein and fats intake for you to lose weight if that’s your goal. If your goal is to maintain your current weight, the calculator will also show you that.

Once you are done finding out your macros, you can then start preparing meals that are based on your macros. This will be easier if you have apps like MyFitnessPal, which is what I personally use to track how many carbs, protein and fats are in my food.

How do you customize MyFitnessPal?

If you’re planning to use MFP to track the macros in your food, you can go to their website or download the app in your iPhone or android phone. Once you’ve downloaded the app or logged in to the website, start by customizing it so you can see your macros in a day-to-day basis. Here’s a video on how to customize your macros in My Fitness Pal.

Please take note that our macros are different based on our age, gender, physical activity, our current weight, amount of weight we want to lose in a week and overall.

Once you have calculated your macros, it will be easier for you to not under or overeat. You can also check the macros of the food and drinks you consume through MyFitnessPal by entering the ingredients or scanning the code of the food item. If you can’t find it on MFP or you suspect there’s something wrong with the macros, Googling it will also help.

Have questions about macros? Shoot them down below.

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