When and How I started the Low Carb High Fat Diet?

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Hi all! Before I get attacked or scolded by passionate keto people and low carbers, please know that I started this way of eating following the rules of Ketogenic/Keto/Ketosis diet. That means my intake of carbohydrates was only 5% of my daily recommended caloric intake. So do not get confused as to why I am talking about Keto and Low Carb High Fat Diet like they are the same and/or different. For newbies, Keto Diet is a form of Low Carb High Fat Diet. The difference is that Keto requires very low consumption of carbohydrates. I am following the Ketogains protocol, so my carbohydrates macro is 30 grams of carbs per day.

before and after keto diet asian
A year-apart. Left picture was taken on December 2015. Right was on December 2016; 11 weeks after I changed the way I way to Keto Diet then to Low Carb High Fat Diet.

10 weeks ago I was contemplating on changing the way I eat because of many reasons. One reason was because I want to stop eating junk! Another is to balance my hormones that I think is causing me adult acne; and last is to lose weight.

I tried to stop eating junk in 2015 and felt really great during that time. However, life got the best of me and I fell off the wagon. A year after, I started feeling bored with my life and I wanted to make changes. I didn’t want just a simple change. I wanted a drastic and challenging change, so I decided to change the way I eat.

My first choice was to become a vegetarian. If you know me you’d probably laugh upon reading this. Jannah becoming a vegetarian? I don’t even raw bananas! I told my friend about this and he didn’t reply. Maybe because he knows I’m just bullsh*tting him. Long story short, he told me that he’s on keto diet and that he eats bacon. (Hi Devon!)


What? On a diet and eating bacon?!!!!! 

When I started the Keto/Low Carb High Fat Diet

Yep, I got sold on bacon. If a diet that consists of eating bacon doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will. I just love bacon!!!

So after my friend told me about keto diet, I started researching about it. Then after a few weeks, I met another friend who’s on the same diet. But I didn’t start yet because I was afraid of its effects. When starting a low carb diet, most people experience what they call as the “keto flu”. This is when you will feel nauseous, have heart palpitations, constipation, headaches, leg cramps, bad breath, and reduced physical performance. After further research, I found out that these will only last for a couple of days.

But Tasha convinced me to finally do it.

tasha ketogasm

Tasha is the founder of Ketogasm. She doesn’t know me but I emailed her once because I’m a stalker like that. I found her video on Youtube and that convinced me to finally start this new way of eating. I decided that I was going to start the diet on October 24, 2016, a week after my vacation. But my vacation got cancelled because the place I was going to was devastated by Typhoon Haima. So instead of feeling bad about this much-awaited solo vacation, I went to the grocery store in the morning of October 17, 2016 and bought #baconofcourse, butter, lettuce, ground beef and green beans. I’m a picky eater so I only picked foods that I already like and didn’t buy a lot since I was still at the point of testing waters. My plan was to just try the diet for three days and if I feel good I’ll go all the way.

How I started the LCHF Diet

Once I got home, I calculated my macros to find out how much carbs, protein and fats should I eat in a day. I used this keto calculator by the way. Then, I started planning my meals. Since my initial plan was to just do the diet for three days, I didn’t plan on cooking complicated meals. My meal plan consists of mostly eggs, bacon, burger patties, stir fried green beans and cabbage and blanched lettuce.

The first two days of my new way of eating was good. I survived! On the third day, I gave in and ate half a cup of rice. Ugh! But this didn’t stop me from going on because I also lost a pound! If you are like me who have tried eating restricted calories to lose weight before but didn’t lose any even if you workout regularly, a pound feels like 10 pounds! So I continued…

Long story short, I lost 4 pounds on my first week, I curbed my carbohydrates and sugar cravings and my skin has gotten better.

jannah low carb asia

Today is my 8th week and I have lost 15 lbs already. My initial weight loss goal was 10 pounds and I have achieved that goal during the 5th or 6th week. After the first week, I stopped calculating all the food that gets in to my mouth because I feel like I already got the hang of it. Aside from my weight loss, my acne has also gotten better (I am not sure though if this is because of my new diet or because I consulted a dermatologist and she gave me a new skincare routine). I have also drastically curbed my sugar and carbohydrates cravings.

But all these is not the end. It is just a start! My journey of living the low carb life in the land of unlimited rice has just started. Wish me luck! I wish I could say no to all the biko, ube halaya, puto bumbong and other types of rice cakes this Christmas!

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  1. Hi Jannah!
    Interesting stuff you got here. I pretty much agree that it’s a darn hard thing to do Keto in the Philippines where you need to expend time and effort so that you can stick to the diet. I’ve been through Keto diet myself last year for almost a year that was interrupted unavoidably when I went for an operation (they administered intravenous fluids that has 50 grams of dextrose so there goes my ketosis right out the window)! I am just now on low carb @ roughly <100 grams per day. I just need carbs to reload my glycogen stores after an intense workout.
    Anyway, keep this blog up and I think that you'll be able to help and inspire people who would like to explore an alternative route not only to dieting but also to a new way of lifestyle.
    Cheers and Happy new year!

    1. Hi Alex! So glad you found my website! Yes, you’re correct. It is so hard to stick to eating keto here in the Philippines with rice as our “main dish” (ever heard of people saying they’d rather have no ulam than no rice? Eeeekkk) and kakanin as dessert! I scanned some of your articles; congrats on kicking obesity and hypertension out of your life! Happy New Year!

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